Early Access Program

Program information, suggested next steps, support and contact information.

Program information

Greetings! We're grateful for your interest in CloudTruth.

The Early Access Program (EAP) is our earliest public exposure and we need your feedback and guidance. We are interested in your overall assessment of CloudTruth as a concept, and whether the current implementation is usable and useful.

We also need your feedback to prioritize the next features and learn about usability issues.

Our goal is to help you manage cloud configuration complexity while preserving the usage of your current configuration tools such as Terraform, AWS Cloudformation, GitHub, and others.

We interviewed hundreds of cloud technologists to understand the challenges of maintaining configuration consistency across multiple dimensions: environments, namespaces, team scale, and tool sprawl. We heard over and over the "art of configuration management" often comes down to tribal knowledge shared among a select few. This phenomenon creates problems that can lead to misconfigurations causing outages, security breaches, and overall team confusion.

CloudTruth aims to be your single record of "configuration truth" in a world moving towards decentralized development and orchestration.

Our initial offering is a "parameter store as a service" with three unique characteristics:

  • Unified parameter store concept.

    • Bring your own configuration(s).

    • In a world filled with configuration sprawl, CloudTruth actively references parameter values from other locations (e.g., JSON/YAML in GitHub, IaC state in S3, other parameter stores, Hiera, Ohai, etc.)

    • Example benefit: Easily share Terraform / Cloudformation outputs as inputs to application configuration (e.g. creating a deployer IAM user in Terraform, and sharing it’s access key/secret to your CI tool.)

  • First-class support for multiple environments.

    • Ensure parameters are consistent across environments.

    • Allow overrides on a per-environment basis (e.g. dev, staging, production, EU region.)

    • Scale to handle multiple dimensions. Environment is one dimension, namespace is another, and elements could each exist in each environment. Additional dimensions affect complexity in a multiplicative/exponential fashion.

  • Configuration templates built-in to the Parameter Store.

    • Useful for generating configuration files in CI, or at runtime. Supports defaults, inheritances, and overrides.



Suggested next steps

Click Getting Started to follow the simple steps to create an account.

Please try these features:

  • Add a parameter.

  • Connect to AWS to source dynamic configuration settings (other integrations coming soon.)

  • Model your multiple environment hierarchy.

  • Create a template for fetching parameters programmatically.

  • Review the demo app and demo code on Github to understand how to use CloudTruth in your environment.

  • Comment on the proposed roadmap.

Get support

Slack: Join our dedicated Slack early access channel with this ​link.

Email: Send your request to support@cloudtruth.com.