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Validation of Values

This, not that.
Nobody enjoys typos, especially ones that make their way into production and cause outages. With CloudTruth you can set a series of rules and typing on your parameters to ensure they meet a specific criteria, or syntax, that meet specific intended values.

Creating Parameter Rules

Rules are set on the parameter itself within a selected project that provide validation of values across all of the parameters environments.
The following are the current rules you can set on your parameters.
Parameter Type
Allowed Rules
Minimum Length
Maximum Length
Regular Expression
Boolean Types
We provide a regular expression rule for strings to come up with whatever crafty regex you require.
The Type and Rules can be set during initial Parameter creation.
Types and Rules can also be added to existing Parameters by editing the Parameter. You can only add a rule that conforms to the values of the existing parameter across all environments. Don't worry, we will let you know if you go out of bounds and how the rule conflicts.
You can get details of the parameter type and rules in the parameter details page. The parameter Type and applied Rules are displayed in the parameter card in the parameter details page.
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