Using Basic Templates

Using templates to access Parameter values.

Templates allow you to transform your parameters and secrets into various required formats. Templates are created at an organization project scope allowing you to customize templates for your specific projects.

Creating a Template

Once you've created a set of parameters, you can begin refencing them inside your projects templates.

Select the designated project from the left hand menu and click Create New Template to open the Create Template dialogue.

Once the template is created, use the edit window to customize it. The templates format is user-defined. In this example, we're following a JSON format. Parameters are referenced by name within mustache notation.

The preview window will display the evaluated results, based upon the selected environment. You can validate your template by clicking Preview. Secrets are automatically hidden in templates and can be unmasked with the Show Secrets button.

Click Submit to save changes to the template.

Templates are now available to be referenced by your application with the CloudTruth CLI.