Compare parameter values between environments

CloudTruth has the ability to compare value between two or more environments. This is useful when needing to view parameter values side-by-side and more specifically visualize those parameter values which differ between environments (overridden). This is also useful in troubleshooting when a particular environment isn't working as expected, seeing the environment value differences can help quickly determine expected vs. unexpected values.

Comparing environment values

  • Open the parameter value comparison view by expanding Reports, via the left-hand navigation menu, and clicking the Compare option.

  • Based on the currently selected project shown in the global project selector, the project's parameter list table :

  • From here, we can add/ remove environments to compare via the ENVIRONMENT VALUES FOR multi-selector:

  • Adding or removing environments from the field will change the comparison table results as needed:

  • Several convenience filters have been added to better visualize and filter down to the precise data:

    • Show Secrets - reveal the value of all secret parameters on displayed

    • Show Differences - filter out all parameters where the values are identical, showing only those parameters where the values are different

    • Show Inherited - when comparing parameters in a child project we can also display those parameters inherited from the parent project

This page, while mainly used to compare values between environments, is also similar to the Parameter List table where values can be edited, secrets revealed, and overrides removed.

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