Getting Started
Using the CloudTruth Solution.
CloudTruth is a configuration management hub that allows you to centrally control values across your organizations applications and environments. Parameters and secrets can be created and stored directly within CloudTruth, or referenced from external sources, such as S3. Unique parameter values can be set for specific environments such as development, staging and production.
Get started by creating a CloudTruth account, create your first parameters and Install the CloudTruth CLI to start accessing parameters across environments!

QuickStart Guide

Create a CloudTruth account

Create your CloudTruth account by navigating to the portal at
You can choose to create a new login with CloudTruth or use an existing social login with a GitHub, Google or Microsoft account.
You will be taken to the CloudTruth application where you will create an Organization. This is your own private space for creating and managing configurations.

Create an Organization

Enter a name for your organization, accept the terms of service and click "Begin Free Trial". Don't worry, you can edit your organization name later.
On the Invite team members page click Skip Invitations for now.

Create your first Parameters

After creating the organization navigate to the parameters page in a project called MyFirstProject. Click Add Item to create a new parameter.
Provide the key with a name and click Create Parameter.
Enter an Internal value for the parameter and click Save.
Repeat this process to add additional parameters.

Create an API Access token

Open the CloudTruth API administration screen by clicking API Access in the left hand menu.
Click Generate New Token, provide a Token Name**, **viewer permissions and click Generate Token.
Copy your access token now and secure it in a safe place. The token is only available at initial creation and will need to be regenerated if it is lost.

Access Parameters with CloudTruth Run

Install the CloudTruth CLI for your distribution and set the API access token in your environment.
Shell Install
The shell installer supports Linux and Darwin distros and will install the latest version.
(curl -sL || wget -qO- | sudo sh
Login with the CLI to create and set your API Access token
cloudtruth login
Use a browser to generate a new API token from the "API Access" page
Open the "API Access" page? (Y/n) Y
Enter the new "API key" here:
The CloudTruth run command will passthrough parameters into your environment. You can now see the parameters you created in your CloudTruth organization.
cloudtruth --project MyFirstProject run --inherit none --command printenv
Use CloudTruth run to get the value for a specific parameter that is sourced to your environment.
cloudtruth --project MyFirstProject run --command 'echo $YOUR_PARAMETER_KEY'
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