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How to use the CloudTruth configure-action

This walkthrough shows you how to use CloudTruth parameters safely and securely with GitHub Actions using our configure-action.


Update GitHub Repository Secrets

Adding your CloudTruth API access token as a GitHub secret allows GitHub Actions to reference the API token when running a workflow. This allows you to bring configuration and secrets from your CloudTruth projects into GitHub workflows.

In your GitHub repository settings, add a new repository secret with the name CLOUDTRUTH_TOKEN that contains your API access token as the value:

The action can be used to inject the configuration and secrets from a project's environment into your GitHub workflow. Within the same job, steps following the action will have environment variables set to those in your project, based on the environment you choose:

name: 'demo'
  pull_request: {}

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: cloudtruth/configure-action@v2.0.0
          apikey: "${{ secrets.CLOUDTRUTH_TOKEN }}"
          project: MyFirstProject
          environment: default
      - name: dump the environment
        run: |
          printenv | sort

GitHub Action results will show the environment variables that were added to the job, and which parameters were redacted.

The output below comes from the configure-action repository and shows a run from parameters that were pre-configured for the configure-action demo script - your output will match the parameters you created.

A complete example is found in the demo workflow of the configure-action repository.

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