New Features and Roadmap

A list of newly released CloudTruth features and what's in queue.

Now Available:

  1. AWS Secrets Manager Integration - reference secrets within CloudTruth.

  2. API - Token Based Access - generate and manage re-usable tokens for API access.

  3. API - System Tasks - GraphQL API for system objects (parameters, environments, etc.)

  4. SSM Parameter Store Integration - reference SSM parameter values within CloudTruth.

  5. CLI Interface - Use the CLI for bulk actions and scripting.

  6. GitHub Integration - reference parameter values from files (JSON/YAML) within repos.

  7. Multi-User support - allow multiple users to collaborate within the same configuration space.

  8. Role Based Access - define permission sets for environments and parameters.


The following features are planned for introduction to the CloudTruth solution over the coming months. As always, roadmap items are subject to change. The numbering represents a rough priority order. We appreciate feedback, especially in terms of additional features and priority of items in the current list.

  1. Project Namespaces - separate and manage related sets of parameters.

  2. Enhanced Security for Secrets - secure handling of secrets and other sensitive config data.

  3. Bulk Parameter Import - migrate complete sets of configuration data and reference dynamically.

  4. Versioning - track changes to parameter values over time. **

  5. Alerts / Notifications - track and receive updates based on system events and conditions.

  6. API - Event Based Updates - register and receive updates for a specific set of parameters.