Roadmap and New Features

A list of newly released CloudTruth features and what's in queue.
We appreciate feedback, especially regarding additional features and the priority of items in the current list.


In Progress
Recent Updates
Event Driven Pipeline
Notification to endpoints (Slack, Webhook, SSM, SM, etc.)
CLI Improvements
Showing some love for the command-line interface.
Self Hosted
Run CloudTruth in your own environment.
Integrate OpenAI
Automated config "co-piloting" with ML/AI.
Kubernetes Operator
Update Kubetruth to current API.
Use your identity provider to manage user and group access.
Fully Automated Secret Rotation
Improved secret and certificate rotation workflow.
Flexible Dimensions
Add custom config dimensions beyond Environment and Project.
Updated Web/UI Client
The web application has a new visual look and optimized navigation.
Project Mix-ins Allows single project to fetch multiple configs.
Parameter & ENV Copy
More flexible ways to manage config data.
Project Copy
Manage projects easier with new copy feature.
Drift Detection Compare current config state vs. desired state.
More bi-directional integrations
Git providers, secret stores, parameter stores, CI/CD
Terraform Provider, others
New and updated clients: Kubernetes Operator, ArgoCD, GitHub Actions, Terraorm Provider.
IDE Plugin Access CloudTruth in VSCode, IntelliJ, others.
Performance / Stability
Numerous performance improvements.
Consolidate SaaS and Self-hosted Kube Config Standardize configs for easier maintenance.
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