New Features and Roadmap

A list of newly released CloudTruth features and what's in queue.
The following features are planned for introduction to the CloudTruth solution over the coming months. As always, roadmap items are subject to change.
We appreciate feedback, especially in terms of additional features and the priority of items in the current list.


In Progress
RBAC refinement
Enhancements to RBAC
Customized rule classes.
Import Action
Allows parameters and secrets to be imported from AWS Secrets Manager and SSM.
Alerts / Notifications
Track and receive updates based on system events and conditions.
Templating engine
Moving to Liquid for templating capabilities
Project Inheritance
Allows projects to inherit and override config data from a project tree.
API - Event Based Actions
register and receive updates for a specific set of parameters.
Last parameter access
Displays when the parameter was last read.
Import Action
Allows parameters and secrets to be imported from AWS Secrets Manager and SSM.
Secrets Generation
Random password generator
Push Action
Allows parameters and secrets to be written externally to AWS Secrets Manager and SSM.
Global Project Parameters
Allows you to inherit a parents parameters and secrets into child projects.
Implicit Parameters
Special parameters allowing references your project or environment names.
Template Editor
Enhanced template editing with autocomplete functionality
Dynamic Parameters
Reference and concatenate parameters with other parameters.
View changes to parameter and templates values over time by specifying environment tags.
Types and Ranges
Set rules on parameters within a specific type such as integers, strings and boolean.
Project History
View changes to templates and parameter values in your environment
Project Compare
View parameter values across different environments.
Secrets Manager Secrets stored in your organizations dedicated Vault provided by CloudTruth.
Project Namespaces
separate and manage related sets of parameters.
Role Based Access
Define permission sets for environments and parameters.
Multi-User support
Allow multiple users to collaborate within the same organization.
Do all the things with our RESTful API and Token Access.
AWS integration
Reference your AWS data in Secrets Manager, Parameter Store and S3.
GitHub Integration
Reference parameter values from files (JSON/YAML) within repos.