Environment Value Override

Environment Value Override allows us to customize individual environment values to suit an organization's needs. Values are typically created within the default environment where the 'starter' environments supplied by CloudTruth (development, production, staging) automatically inherit their values from the default environment. This is very useful to help guarantee a typical default value for all application environments the configuration is applied to when read from CloudTruth. When values need to be different across environments, that's when value overriding is needed. For example, database secrets, API Keys, and container constraints are just a few values which may differ between environments.

More details regading parameter and parameter value inheritance can be found in the Parameter and Paramter Value Inheritance section.

In a simple CloudTruth project structure, using the development environment values for the default environment ensures that all new environments will be given reasonable set of configuration and secrets values when created. Environment value overrides are typically for non-development environments when the values differ or need to be used by a limited set of team members for security purposes.

Overriding an environment value

Starting within a parameter's details page:

  1. Select the appropriate environment from the ENVIRONMENTS tree:

  1. Click the Edit Value button:

  1. Make the change to the value, then click Save:

  1. The ENVIRONMENTS tree will update to the new value along with the Environment Value in the details:

Now when the production environment is retrieved, the updated value will be returned.

Removing an environment override

When needed, an environment override can be easily removed and the value will revert to the parent environment's value. We'll start from the parameter's details page:

  1. Select the appropriate environment from the ENVIRONMENTS tree:

  1. Click the Edit Value button, the difference here is the highlighted Remove Environment Override button visible on overridden environments:

  1. Click the Remove Environment Override button to remove the override. The modal will close and a message regarding the removal of the override will be displayed.

  2. The ENVIRONMENTS tree will update with the name of the environment the value is being inherited from, along with the parameter details reflecting the same:

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