Managing Parameters

CloudTruth Parameters exist across all of your Environments in a project and can be made up of a combinations of static and dynamic values. Parameters can also be marked as Secret which will hide the Parameters value by default. Parameter values are always scoped to the selected project.

Parameter Type


User defined value per Environment


Value obtained from a CloudTruth integration


Masked Parameter Values

Adding a Static Parameter Value

Select a Project to create a Parameter in.

From the Parameter Store page click Add Item to create a new parameter.

Enter a Parameter name, you can also select whether the Parameter is a secret and provide a description.

Click Create Parameter.

The Parameter is created in the default Environment and you can enter a Static, Dynamic or empty value as the Parameter default. Add a Static value and Click Save.

Overriding Parameter Values

Parameters are present in all of the Environments in a project and by default are set to the value from the parent Environment. You can set a unique Parameter value for each Environment by overriding the value.

Click on a Parameter from the Parameter Store list.

The Parameter details page is displayed. In this example we have three Environments (Production, Dev and Staging) under the default parent.

Select the Environment where you would like to override the value and click Edit Value.

The Edit Environment Value page is displayed, set the Parameter value for the selected Environment and click Save.

Now the Parameter details page shows the updated value for the selected Environment and displays the value as having 1 override. the remaining Environments retain the default value.

Searching Parameters

As your Parameter list grows you can use the search to find all parameters with a specific string within your project.

From the Parameter Store page you can list all Parameter values for a specific Environment by selecting the Environment in the drop down box. Values that have overrides for the selected Environment are indicated in the Value Source.

Edit Parameter Settings

Select the Parameter you want to edit from the Parameter Store page and click Edit Parameter Settings from the Parameter menu.

The Edit Parameter dialogue allows you to update the description and change whether the parameter is a secret.

Deleting Parameters

Select the Parameter you want to edit from the Parameter Store page and click Delete Parameter from the Parameter menu.

Template References

The Parameter settings page will display the number of Templates a given Parameter is referenced in. You can navigate to each Template from the Template List tab. Parameters that are referenced in a template are protected from deletion.

Parameter History

Audit trail for Parameter changes and last API access.

Parameter History Coming Soon!