API Access Tokens
Control API access to your configuration data.

CloudTruth API Access Tokens

A CloudTruth API access token can be used with the CloudTruth CLI and for bearer authorization with the Rest API. The API access token is scoped at the user level and allows programmatic access for configuration management across the organization.

Creating an API Access Token

Open the CloudTruth API administration screen by clicking API Access in the left hand menu.
Click Generate New Token​ and select the desired token permissions, provide a Token name and then click ​Generate Token. The token name and permissions can be updated at any time after creation from the manage token menu.
Token permissions are treated like user accounts and follow the defined organization role permissions.
Copy your access token now and secure it in a safe place. The token is only available at initial creation and will need to be regenerated if it is lost. Once you navigate away from this page, the token string will not be displayed, and the option to copy will not appear.

Regenerating an API Access Token

If needed, you can re-generate the access token string from Manage API Token under the token menu.
From the token menu select Manage API Token.
When regenerating a token all references to that token will need to be updated.
Click Regenerate Token and copy your Access Token**.**

Revoking API Access Tokens

API Tokens can be removed individually from the CloudTruth API menu by deleting specific tokens.

Managing API Access Tokens

Once API access tokens are created they are treated as a user, so they are also are displayed in the User Directory. Permissions and access can be changed directly from each access token in the API Access page or from the User Directory menu page.
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